General Contracting and Trading Services
OITS and CO in collaboration with IDK in Saudi Arabia has established itself as a provider of materials and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Working in partnership with our clients, we strive to maximize efficiency to ensure all of our clients’ goals are achieved. Our projects include renovation, new construction, construction infrastructure, and existing refurbishments. Our departments are integrated and cover civil, mechanical, electrical, maintenance and other engineering services. With skilled and highly qualified staff, along with our experienced subcontractors, we consistently exceed expectations.

We facilitate a full range of client needs through our General Contracting and Construction Management Services. We have professionals to complete in-house budgeting/estimations, purchasing, scheduling of both preconstruction and construction phases, quality control, and value engineering to partner with our clients and collaborate with their consultants.

Technical Consultancy

OITS and Partners deliver a proven track record of technical analysis, interpretation and advice in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. OITS advisory technical services offers pragmatic advice based on sound industrial knowledge in sectors such as renewables, smart-manufacturing, agriculture, industrial development and governmental service contracts.

Strategic Advisory solution

OITS strategic offering is its industry knowhow and MENA market knowledge. This advantage is founded on its technical experience and OITS regional network of partners and clients. Our advisors encompass an array of industrial and technical disciplines, complemented by economic, commercial, legal and business strategy professionals.

Our model is to provide confidential and practical strategic and technical advice in order to propose and implement strategic options at the highest levels on behalf of our clients.OITS has considerable experience in working with governments, government agencies and national industries on a strategic as well as operational level. Experience also includes the provision of corporate and business strategy for international oil, gas and power companies bidding or operating in the Gulf region.

Commercial Services and Advisory

OITS advisors work on behalf of both private and public clients, in developing case-studies, negotiating, creating options, providing analysis, drafting agreements and closing transactions with potential partners.